Crypto Code Review

eToro is one of the best crypto currency platforms in the world. Crypto Code claims to be able to generate very high profits thanks to crypto currency trading (we have already seen that the promises of CryptoCode are false). But what is crypto currency trading?

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized virtual currencies that work thanks to encryption algorithms. Among the main cryptocurrencies we remember:

How do you make money with crypto trading? There are different types of trading. The easiest way is to buy a crypto currency when the price is low and sell it when it rises. In this case, of course, you earn only when the price of the crypto currency increases, while you lose in other cases.

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A much more efficient form of trading, also offered by eToro, allows you to gain both when the price of a crypto currency increases and when it decreases, obviously anticipating in advance what will be the movement of the price.

What form of trading is used by Crypto Code? We do not know: the video, although very long, does not even remotely mention this important element. In fact, the creators of Crypto Code do not seem to care about how crypto currency trading works, they are only interested in convincing you to put your money.

Crypto Code opinions and reviews

We mentioned at the beginning of the article the opinions and reviews about Crypto Code that there are on the internet. You have to keep your eyes open: there are fake reviews and opinions, published for a fee to convince as many people as possible to lose money with Crypto Code. We, of course, are not interested in fictitious opinions written by fake users.

We are especially interested in the opinions and opinions written by real people who have tried Crypto Code with their money. And these are the opinions and reviews that we have collected carefully on the internet, on Facebook groups dedicated to crypto currencies and on some important Italian financial forums.

Result? The picture is very clear: those who joined Crypto Code and had the misfortune to deposit their money have lost everything, down to the last penny. We do not know that anyone has ever earned with Crypto Code.

Most of the reviews are extremely colorful, if we want to use this euphemism. In fact it’s a sequence of offenses against the creators of Crypto Code (for the record: often the offenses are also aimed at deceased relatives or mothers and sisters). From the reviews, you can see that many have already filed a regular complaint to the judicial authorities for fraud.

But are there chances of recovering the money entrusted to Crypto Code? The probability of recovering the money lost with Crypto Code is zero, unfortunately. The hackers who created Crypto Code did it right. They have left no trace and, above all, make sure to transfer the money they just received to some cozy tax haven. When their game is well known (because sites like talk about it) they will just change their name and create a new equal scheme. It’s already happened many times, let’s not forget Bitcoin Code that is in all respects similar to Crypto Code, just changes the name …

Going back to the lyrics on Cryptocode, there are some really touching ones. For example, those of people in very serious economic difficulties who hoped to solve their economic and financial problems thanks to Crypto Code and have lost even what little they had. In fact, in some cases indebted people have asked for more loans to try their luck with Crypto Code and have fallen even deeper into the spiral of poverty and problems …